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  1. I installed DSM 5.0-4418 Beta in a Windows 2008 R2 Hyper-V machine by converting the vmdks from a VMware VM. It boots up just fine, but i don't get the network adapter. The VM is configured with Legacy Network Adapter. Is there any way to install the network drivers? Thanks!
  2. Have you figured it out? Same problem here. Thanks!
  3. Ok, it's dead silent now However, i installed it on a 3.5GB internal drive, and i'm using the remaining diskspace as datastore. The problem is that copy speed is around 50 Mb/s. Would RDM improve this? There's one thing i noticed. The rear USB 3.0 ports are not working. Do you have any idea why? Thanks!
  4. Anybody using XPenology with the B120i on HP Gen8 Microservers? My only concern is the noise. I need to know if using the built-in RAID controller helps iLO get the temperatures for HDDs and lower the fan speed. In AHCI mode, the fan speed is 37% and the servers is quite noisy. Also, what synoboot version are you using? 1.4 beta seems to have issues with USB devices (UPS, printer, HDD) Thanks!
  5. I did the upgrade to 4.3-3810 Update 4 today and i'm facing an issue. One of my USB HDDs is showing as initalizing. Also, sometimes it's not coming up after a reboot, i have to manually reset the machine. It's a gen8 HP microserver. Any ideas? Thanks!
  6. Same on a gen8 Microserver (G2020T CPU, 2 GB RAM, 1x TB WD RED) The only issue is the noise. Fan is running constantly at 40-45% and it's a bit annoying.
  7. I got it - the microsd card is seen as an external drive, and DSM cannot be installed on external disks. I'm upgrading from an USB Station 2 with 2 external drives. I hoped i can use a similar setup with the new gen8 until i get some new drives. Thanks!
  8. Got that part, i booted from an external USB thumbdrive, but i thought the OS can be loaded on the internal SD card (like ESXi for example). If that's not possible, i'll have to find some HDDs. Thanks!
  9. Excuse my ignorance, but let me rephrase. Can i install Xpenology on the SD card? A simple yes/no, please
  10. Trying to install xpenology 4.3 on an HP gen8 microserver, on the internal SD card, no HDD installed. The image boots fine, i can see it detects the SD card, but cannot install. The Web Assistant says "No Hard Disk found" and the DS assistant says Server Error (Error code:38). Any ideas? Thanks,