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  1. Hi Floris, I think the USB flash is also updated during the update so it should be possible to extract the kernel and initial ramdisk and boot from these. Maybe I will try this with a usb stick.
  2. Hi Floris, I have an DS710+ which is running on DSM 6.0. For this I made a special update file from a DS712+ which I described here: https://forum.synology.com/enu/viewtopic.php?f=128&t=79640&start=225#p426748 . This worked quite well, but the newer DSM versions use different checking methods and the update to any higher version using this method fails. Now I think it should be possible to run a higher version using the Xpenology approach of a custom bootloader. You say that you install and run it on your system by using the build-in flash module but it fails if you install the system when use another USB stick? I would just like to run a more recent DSM and would like to try the Xpenology bootloader. If this means that I have to install it on the internal flash drive I am fine with that but it would be much easier to switch back to my working system if I could test it with another USB stick and a spare harddisk first. Any further information of how to follow the instructions would be helpful. Thank you. Best regard, HellG
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    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    Hi jun, you seem to know what you are doing so maybe you could help me to understand the protection mechanisms of the Synology DSM 6. I have a DS710+ (2 bay Intel Atom D410) which does not get any further updates beyond DSM 5.x (5592). I was able to create a pat file to install DSM 6.0 (7321) by just changing the update file for the DS712+ (2 bay Intel Atom D425). I just changed the synoinfo.conf, scemd.conf and manutil.conf according to what I found in the latest DS710+ update and after repacking I was able to update my box to DSM 6.0 version 7321 (and also the subsequent updates to patchlevel 7). With the same method I was able to create an update file for DSM 6.0.2 version 8451, however now I have the same problems as others reportet here that have accidentially updated to 6.0.1 (7393) or 6.0.2 (8451): existing volumes are gone and cannot be mounted and I cannot create new volumes. I did a little research but I have no clue how I could get around the protection. For example the devices nodes for sda are not created under /dev so scemd complains about not able to access /dev/sda. If I login via ssh and create them with mknod they exist for a while but as soon as I log into the Web UI or only reload it they are gone again. Do you know if there is documentation about how the protection mechanism works or could you maybe give me some hints how I could make it work? Maybe even your kernel mode dynamic patcher could help me with this? I would appreciate it if you could give me some help. Best regards, HellG