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  1. I would also like to note, since DSM7 will not be supported on the 1511+, it makes more sence perhaps to switch over to xpenology in the future.. ? When and if there will be DSM7 support out there.. ?
  2. I made a DS1512+ acronis backup in the past, and I believe I have also tested it on my 1511+ which did not work. As far as I can remember, the 1512+ was UEFI based, and 1511+ Bios based and did not even wanted to boot from the UEFI based GRUB image from the 1512+ Maybe this can be modified I dont know.. I would love to share my back-up images, but so far I dont know how to erase my own serial numbers and mac adress info.. If anybody can tell me.. ?
  3. Hi there, Thanks for responding to this thread and everybody else out there ! It's, been a while since I have not posted anything.. I recently bought an RS818+ USB module for a few euro's, which I think should work/fit inside the 1511+ Anyway, I was wondering which USB Stick and software did you use to modify your VID and PID's ? I remember I never got this to work in the past... I remember changing stuff using an hexeditor from that russian thread, should you be able to change your serial and NIC Mac adresses, did you ever got that cha
  4. I will be happy to share my backup of my DS1511+ until somebody here can explain/help me to clean out my Serial number and mac adress from my backup. So far I was not able to get this out..
  5. this would be an alternative indeed, but only the Synology DX510 and DX513 expension units are not supported by the DS3615 loader. at least I have tested it, and does not work :S.. So for that reason it's not an option for me :S
  6. Ok i see, thx for this info ! I suppose a 1511+ bootloader will also not work then on a 1010+ Unit ?? Or perhaps this might work, since they are very similar hardware wise..
  7. Funny you ask, I have also tried this with my DS1512+ and DS1511+. It did not worked OOB, since it looked to me like the DS1512+ is running a UEFI bios, and the bootloader used on the 1512+ is UEFI only I think, while the 1511+ and 1010+ are all legacy bios based. Perhaps with modding the 1512+ bootloader somehow, this could perhaps be made possible..
  8. p.s For me it was easy to create a acronis backup image, I have a spare DS1511+ laying arround atm, and can put in a Synology usb flash drive, use a keyboard mouse and monitor.. But these cards are using a regular kind of mini usb plug, there are adapters for this I found in the past. you should google it, there are other solutions for this..
  9. ì think the answer could be here in this russian topic. I tried it in the past for my DS1511+ backup to share with another user here, but never got it too work.. Perhaps you can try it, and share your results here.. ?
  10. hi al, I don't speak russian ,sorry about this. But I wanted to add some info in this topic. Some people contacted me about a corrupted or bricket 1511+ flash drive. I made some well known good and working back-ups of mine. I have tried edditing the mac adres and serial numers using this hex editor methode above, but I think i've done something wrong since my own original s/n keeps returing back.. Maybe these instructions can be posted in english again.. ? Google translate makes a little mess on this one..
  11. hi, i had the same question sometime ago, and there are usb sticks from a-data that can be modified to Synology's PID VID F400 valleus. I have tested this aswell, and can confirm it works as a replacement of the original internal synology usb flash drive. If you have more questions you can ask me.. take a look at this topic, more details are explaned here :
  12. @HellG , Its only possible to succesfully boot your clone with a USB flash drive with the Synology PID/VID valeus on it. You need to modify your usb drive, in order to make this possible. But I always reccomend making a back-up of your original USB flash module, and putting it a side, so no harm can be done and bricking becomes impossible. But indeed extracting the kernel and initial ramdisk could, be worth trying ! I have another DS1512+ and want to try the it on my DS1511+.. How is your testing going so far.. ? I'm pretty sure Xpenology bootloader will btw r
  13. Which model is this, DS411+ ??
  14. p.s Another way of a more clean approach of running newer DSM versions on your DS710+ would be to clone a DS712+ or DS713+ flash module to a USB Stick, with the correct VID/PID values. This way you are not running Xpenology, but original firmware on a higher model number... You can try this of course, but it can be very hard I guess to find back-ups of the DS712+ or DS713+ flash module.. I'm currently in the progress of testing this with my DS1511+ One of these these IG-88 has send me over a modded flash drive, which has the same PID/VID as the original Synology flash module.
  15. Hi HellG, Xpenology should run fine on your DS710+ , which gives a lot more life to your diskstation ! I really recommend making a back-up of your original Synology USB flash module, and taking it out of the diskstation. This way you can never damage it, so the diskstation will be bricked, keep in mind some users on the web repported that they have accidentally erased or damaged their original flash module. If it's damaged (formated or ereased) your diskstation can't never boot again into the original firmware.. So making a good back-up, and putting the flash module out of the moth