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  1. Sorry i thought that VMware was like windows i already tried with Mac but there I didn’t get the cfg file either
  2. i have now made a new boot loader, the problem is that I I use a Mac with VMware and it won't work for some reason I just used my dads pc and wept now I got the cfg file
  3. tha didnt help I still got the message this img has no partitions
  4. I can't select any partitions the img file in osfmount, it says no partitions found on this img
  5. I can't figure out how to use the off software should I just mount the synoboot.img in it ? if yes I only can mount the full omg not choose any with 15 mb
  6. OK thanks I just installed the xpenology tool I try this
  7. the problem is that I have no cfg file at all
  8. Hey I need som e help I just created and reset on my HP Proviant Gen 8 with DSM 6.1.7 Update 2 now the Dam says they can see that have have moved my harddrive from an old nas so I only have the option to migrate when I try to migrate with the 6.1.7 pat it says the files is broken i also tried to update my bootloader but I get no cfg file on my usb pen please help me .9
  9. hello I have no settings in power settings here is a log file:///Users/JFK/Downloads/syslog_2016-9-21-17_43_2.html
  10. I have a problem with my synology. It has started to go into sleep mode at night and will not start up again. When I physically press the power shuts the server down and I must press on physical power back where it then starts up again and starts and runs fine otherwise again until the next night. I've set it up for static ip and reserved ip to my router. Some have a solution to the problem 
  11. I can only say that it worked for me
  12. i dont no, bu it could have something to to with dam 6.0 if you had upgraded to that earlier when i have these problems i just try something and sometimes it works
  13. Have you tried to upgrade to DSM6.0 again and then downgrade again ?
  14. ok then try to update to dam 6.0 and be sure to complete the update after that then downgrade to dam 5.2 the way its told before