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  1. Thank you all for your help. Think I am going to experiment with vm machines.
  2. Thanks for your quick reply. Wil all 16 cores be used for XPenology if I use VM and can I assign physical drives to a VM? Because I want to use SHR and still be able to expand my volume by adding extra HDD's. Which vm is the best for this? Unraid?
  3. Hi there, I know many people will find this toooo much power for a NAS but let me explain myself. At the moment I am running my XPenology on this: Intel i5 2500K 8GB Memory 10Gb NIC 5 X 4TB SHR Seagate NAS But I also use this NAS as a Plex Server for multiple clients. This is installed with Synology packages. Up to 10 users at the same time use this Plex server. Some thru the internet and some local. This old system does only support a few users at the same time if they all need transcoding. So I need more power to ensure no CPU bottlenecks.... This is what I am plann
  4. Good to know. I'm gonna dive into this. SSD Cache is also on my little list.
  5. You can use up to 12 SSD discs for Read/Write Cache. If the Synology site is correct. But they all have to be the same model and capacity. Raid 1, 5 and 6 are supported by Synology SSD Cache. As far as I know the R/W SSD cache function does not work on Xpeneology. What version of dsm and loader are you using?
  6. Hi b0fh, How did you made the Highpoint Rocket 620 work? Which dsm version are you running? Would love to know how. Tnx in advance.
  7. I also hope to see the Highpoint Rocket 620, 622 and 640 become part of the next release. They are one of the best cheap SATA3 controllers out there. ... wnload.htm Has anyone made this work in Xpenology with some programming? Would really know how to do this. Tnx in advance.
  8. Hi there, I'm pretty new here. But does anyone know if I can use this quad network adapter? Intel D47316-004 - Intel Pro/1000 PT Quad Port Server Adapter - EXPI9404PT Adapter Model: D47316-004P / NEXPI9404PTController I don't have it yet. But I'm thinking of getting it. Anyone? Thanks in advance.