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      DSM 6.2-23739 - WARNING   05/23/2018

      This is a MAJOR update of DSM. DO NOT UPDATE TO DSM 6.2 with Jun's loader 1.02b or earlier. Your box will be bricked.  You have been warned.   https://www.synology.com/en-global/releaseNote/DS3615xs


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  1. DSM 6.x.x Loader

    Just wait a day or two and then report again everything still working even my mellanox that did not work before No volume crashes or funky messages? none so far , the only thing i needed to do was delete my 3rd party sources and add them again, and IDS wasn't compatible so i deleted it
  2. DSM 6.x.x Loader

    Just wait a day or two and then report again everything still working even my mellanox that did not work before
  3. DSM 6.x.x Loader

    Updated to 6.1 using Alpha loader without any issues, no weird messages and everything works ok. Bare Metal, LSI 9211-8 on ASROCK board Xeon CPU 8 3tb, didn't loose any data.
  4. so yeah why people insist on something that is broken is beyond me, i'm running jun's loader on bare metal on asrock with quad i210, xeon e3 32gb ecc and 8 x 3tb WD red and M1015 on HBA, my point (besides bragging a little haha) is that with a bit of effort everything pretty much works with jun's loader, yes it will be nice when 2.3 is release and we gain further ability to run a wider range of hardware but until then your best bet is jun's loader
  5. DSM 6.x.x Loader

    I tried using the latest loader release on bare metal without luck, can't find it on network, I tried the internal quad 210 nic and pci-e quad intel neither get recognized on prior loaders either and finally tried the single intel that works on jun 1.01 loader but don't seem to work on the latest loader at least for me. any suggestions? thanks
  6. DSM 6.x.x Loader

    need help getting a quad nic card working, I have a Dell 0YT674, which uses intel 82575 drivers, it is recognized but can't pull an ip address, the same with my onboard quad i210, i can see them on the info center under network but can't pull an ip, i'm also using a single intel nic which works ok. i tried adding mac1, mac2, mac3, etc. or none at all, and still can't pull an ip any suggestions?
  7. DSM 6.x.x Loader

    so in addition to a quad 210i i have a PRO/1000 MT Quad Port Server Adapter (Dell 0YT674) which uses the intel 82575 driver, and while they get recognized I can't pull an ip, always default to 169.x.x.x any suggestions, i tried with 1 thru 4 nic mac addresses no luck
  8. DSM 6.x.x Loader

    So I tried reversing the order ramdisk.lzma gets loaded in order to get i210 nic to work but every time i tried my 9211-8i will not get recognized Is there any other way for the i210 to work?
  9. DSM 6.x.x Loader

    any update on how to get more than one Nic working?
  10. DSM 6.x.x Loader

    has anyone been able to get 2 or more Nic's working, I have a single card that is recognized and I have tried 2 quad cards 210i and older intel pro quad and while they are recognized I can't get an ip,
  11. DSM 6.x.x Loader

    My quad 210i is recognized however I can't never pull an ip, had to used an old single intel pro bare metal
  12. DSM 6.x.x Loader

    Please can you provide more details on how you did this? I thought LSI cards weren't supported yet. The LSI works with the latest loader, I have to disabled the onboard controller in order to recognized the 8 hd attached to it, before disabling the onboard controllers I was seen 6 HD and 2 as external, once I disabled the onboard and saw all 8 HD I was able to migrate. LSI 9211-81
  13. DSM 6.x.x Loader

    anyone figured out how to get more than one nic working, neither my onboard quad intel 210 works or my intel quad pci-e , I can only get a single intel pro pci-e card to work when enabling either the onboard or the quad pci-e in conjunction with the single pci-e nic I can see all nic's on the info dashboard but they all are getting 169.x.x.x addresses, except the single card which get a good ip I tried adding mac1-mac4 & mac1-mac5 and still does not work any suggestions?
  14. DSM 6.x.x Loader

    I migrated and it is working ok
  15. DSM 6.x.x Loader

    what parameters to use with an LSI 9211-8i HBA 8 hd attached to it. I'm only able to see 6 hd available to install, once I installed it I was able to see that the additional 2 hd are been counted as ext hd, how can i make it see the 8 hd attached to the 9211-8i during install I disabled the onboard Sata and now I'm able to see all 8 hd connected to the 9211-8i, I would like to enable the onboard Sata to attached to SSds for cache, any suggestions? thanks