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  1. 中国国家级防火墙是中华人民共和国在 2003 年推出的金盾工程的子项目,它是一个安全管理信息系统。根据该项目的要求,中国政府机构有权审查和封锁来自国外的政治敏感数据。使用中国 VPN 可以访问被封锁的网站。 因此,中国政府屏蔽了数个他们认为不合适的社交媒体网站、新闻网站和其他类似网站。但是,使用中国 VPN 可以访问被封锁的网站。大陆 VPN 提供商不仅可以解除被屏蔽的网站,还可以保护您的网络隐私。 我们列出了 5 个最佳的中国 VPN 提供商,它们可以绕过中国国家级防火墙的限制,为您带来最棒的用户体验。列表如下: https://www.chinesevpnz.com/
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    Xpenoboot - eth0 not RUNNING fixed

    Yes you are right i am agree with you.
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    VPN issues with 5.2-5644.4

    For installing or setup the Openvpn you have to do the following work. Step 1 – Download OpenVPN Step 2 - Download OpenVPN certificates and than Configuration files (Windows, OSX and Linux). Step 3a – Now Make a VPN directory to keep things ordered mkdir iVPN cp /tmp/iVPN* ~/iVPN Step 3b – Extract the zipped VPN files unzip iVPN-conf-1.5.zip ca.crt = certificate authority certificate client1.crt = client certificate (ie your certificate) client1.key = client key (ie your key) ****** Now the configuration files of .ovpn that contain the route files, IP’s of the gateways etc. They given routes such as direct to Netherlands, or Multihop, USA to UK. As the files are unzipped, you’ll see many single or multi hop routes appear. So this is the simple way to setup or installing openvpn however for further more to know about the best openvpn service. I will suggest you to check this http://goo.gl/kmWb8N
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    Should I update?

    you just have to update it first.