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  1. Loader: Jun's v1.02b (916+) Baremetal + extra.lzma for ds916+ v4.5 DSM: DSM 6.1.4-15217 Update 5 Motherboard: Asrock N3700-ITX NIC: Realtek RTL8111GR(Onboard) + Realtek RTL8111D(PCIe) SATA: Intel(Onboard) + ASMedia ASM1061(Onboard) + ASMedia ASM1061(mini-PCIe) No issues so far. Also hardware transcoding works with a valid SN.
  2. I try to follow this guide to build drivers for DS916+ bootloader to let my ASRock N3700-ITX work properly with it. BUT I failed. The DS916+ bootloader cannot detect hard disk in virtual box. Can anyone helps me to figure this out or build the drivers for me? I believe the driver which missing in the bootloader is Realtek RTL8111.
  3. After I upgraded my N3700-ITX to DSM 6.0.2-8451 Update 7. All the usb3.0 port became unusable, although usb3.0 chip can be recognized as ASM107x - ASMedia Technology Inc. However usb2.0 port still works.
  4. both pptp and l2tp work fine on DSM_5.2-5644 Update-5 with XPEnoboot DS3615xs 5.2-5644.1 bootloader.
  5. Sorry but like I said before, I can't get PPTP to works with any build at all. Even tried VM and bare metal setup. Which version of bootloader you are using?
  6. Both PPTP and L2TP. If it's possible, please try to use 5.2-5644.1 bootloader to see if it works properly. I do not have OPENVPN client, so it is not tested.
  7. It is unable to use VPN server in DSM 5.2-5644 Update 2 with 5.2-5644.4 bootloader. It seems ok in DSM's web gui, but client is unable to connect to the server. When I change bootloader from 5.2-5644.4 to 5.2-5644.1 without change any settings in DSM, the VPN server works properly. Hope this issue will be solved soon.
  8. I have 3700-itx with default UEFI settings in BIOS(V1.30). I just change the settings about Fan control and VGA, so I don't think it matters. I use a USB 3.0 memory stick and the latest iso file to create a bootable device. When I plug it into USB3.0 port, I met the same problem just like you. BUT when I plug it into USB2.0 port besides ps/2 port, it boots properly. By the way, I use UltraISO to create the bootable device, but I have tested to use Win32 Disk Imager and img file to create a bootable device, it seems OK. Also I have change the VID & PID in syslinux.cfg. I don'
  9. USB 3.0 ports with ASMedia ASM1074 hub not working properly.It freezing the whole system. ... inux-error
  10. 3700-itx meets the same problem, but u can fix it by use usb 2.0port instead of usb 3.0.