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  1. - Outcome of the update: UNSUCCESSFUL - DSM version prior update: DSM 6.2.3-25423 - Loader version and model: Jun's Loader v1.03B 3617XS - Using custom extra.lzma: No - Installation type: VM ESXI 6.7 U3 - Additional comment : ERROR 13 (File Corrupt)
  2. I suspect the problem is the software RAID controller (Marvell) is not supported in anything outside of Windows. Windows doesn't even see the drives until you manually load the driver. I don't think it is likely I will manager to get this device working on anything other than Windows.
  3. Has anyone successfully installed Xpenology on one of these? I have tried various loaders but the closets I have been is with 1.02b. I am doing all the usual steps setting a serial, mac address and PID/VID., DS3617xs 6.1 Jun's Mod V1.02b - boots and loads the setup but tells me I have no disks installed Ds3617xs 6.2 1.03b Loader - boots but doesn't show on the network Ds3615xs 6.2 1.03b Loader - boots but doesn't show on the network Ds918+ 6.2 1.04 Loader - boots but doesn't show on the network Ds918+ 6.2 1.02a Loader - boots but doesn't
  4. They are using the onboard raid in the HP N40L. I have now setup a 2nd VM on the same server using a OVF template someone posted, this VM doesn't update to version 845, I get error 21 when it gets to 20%. I was able to create a volume on the 16GB vmdk that it installed which I think was using IDE. I have now formatted a disk and created a new SCSI vmdk but it is now showing up in storage manager so I am a bit further on with disks but not able to update, I might try a new vmdk in workstation instead of vSphere and choose SATA or IDE.
  5. Can anyone help me with the latest working steps? Took the advice of a post saying just update and that's worked but the volumes won't mount and I can't format them as a new disk. ESXI 6.0 U2 HP Microserver
  6. When I try creating a group I get "failed to apply settings" and when I boot I get a notification saying "Abnormality detected on NAS2. All volumes have been unmounted."
  7. I have been holding off upgrading to DSM 6 since seeing the main thread started months ago hoping that eventually there would be an "official" release of XPEnolougy DSM 6 by now. This hasn't happened yet but I can see a lot of people have successfully got it running so since. I had a spare ESXI host I thought I would give it a go. I saw a couple of posts where people claimed just clicking update and going to allowed them to get it working. This actually worked for me as well which I was surprised about but none of my volumes are working, the data isn't important so I have
  8. I have seen this "XPEnoboot 5.2-5544.5 RELEASED !" posted recently, I have updated my box to DSM 5.2-5644 Update 5 so do I ignore that there is a new version of XPEnoboot? I am going to ignore the "DSM 6.0-7321 is available" but I hope this new version (when available) makes my life a lot easier. How do I remove a RDM? I have deleted the disk from the VM and detached the disk but I can't add it back now? Do I need to run some commands via SSH?
  9. I have a lubuntu VM on the same host, currently copying a 20GB file @ constant/stable 80MB/s Could this be a xpenology thing then?
  10. I have enable caching in the bios, still not got stable speeds
  11. Thanks, I think I was already on 5.2.5592. I've just upgraded it yesterday but I will see if that could be a fix. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Back to trying to get this running... tempted to upgrade the N40L to 8/16GB ram to see if that helps. Disks are currently set as RDM and still got the same issues with speeds plummeting.
  13. Think the LaCie is just good looking, doesn't perform well but picked it up cheap cause they have released a Thunderbolt 2 version now. Would it be even possible to hack the Lacie? I would put XPE on it in a flash if I could. The DS6100 is a bit of an odd ball, it is licensed for Server 2012 R2 Essentials so don't think it likes joining a domain? Think it has to be top of the tree so but spec wise it is the best of the bunch which 32GB ECC Ram, Xeon chip & WD SE drives so I am trying to save it for important work stuff and not need it on 24/7. Don't really fancy putting £600 H
  14. still not getting stable speeds. Fresh install on the N40L. I am getting stuff transferred now but it is awfully slow. Currently moving 4K Jessica Jones and it goes from 3 to 40MB/S. I am going to have to put it down to the disks, will have some replacements soon and will just try 1 of them on its own. Can you do any sort of scans/test from within DSM or do I need to remove the disks?
  15. Not at all, at this stage I am willing to try anything. I am just installing ESXI on my N40L so hopefully the problem disappears on that.