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  1. can you please send download link for 8.0.3-5159 patch? Mega file is missing. Thank you
  2. marcuswrk

    XPEnology Configuration Tool & Bootloader DSM 6.0.2-8451

    Hi everyone and thank you for the great job I'm unable to install dsm (XPEnology bootloader for DSM 6.0.2-8451.5) under esxi6, install fails (DSM file corrupted error). Connecting telnet to configuration tools I was able to downloaded 2.3 ramdisk update, is it stable? After downloading 2.3 system was unable to detect any disk (SCSI paravirtual or sata controller) on esxi.
  3. marcuswrk

    bios reset dsm6 ml110g6

    I'm using new loader gen8boot.img but it is resetting bios everytime I boot dsm so I lose boot priority and system won't start. There is any fix for this issue? I tried disabling time update in regional setting, adding password to bios but still no luck. Is there anything I can try? Thank you
  4. marcuswrk

    Working DSM 6

    you did a great job!! I'm running fine dsm6 with ss on vmware esxi 6.0u2 with sata disk and e1000e ethernet using ovf template from this topic. Do you know if brtfs on vmware is stable? any feedback about using rdm disks?
  5. thank you for your great job, any news about patching SurveillanceStation-x86_64-7.2.3-4664 ?
  6. marcuswrk

    time backup hangs system

  7. marcuswrk

    time backup hangs system

    Sto utilizzando vmware
  8. marcuswrk

    time backup hangs system

    Hi, just installed time backup, DSM crashed and vm is not starting anymore (stucking in trigger device plug event) with debug enabled "fixing recursive fault but reboot is needed!" can I mount the DSM partition and try to remove the package (with kubuntu I can only access to data partitions) or do you have any syggesion. Be aware of installing Time Backup Thank you
  9. marcuswrk

    errore isntallazione time backup

    Salve a tutti, appena installo time backup DSM si frizza e la macchina si blocca all'avvio (lock cursore) mi chiedevo se ci fosse la possibilità di accedere alla partizione di sistema DSM e rimuovere il file dall'avvio, ho provato su kubuntu ma accedo soltanto ai dati. Saluti