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  1. Just installed 6.1 on a HP Microserver Gen 10. Now it sees the 4 1tb discs in Storage manage but when I go to create the raid it gets to the end then says "Cant apply settings". anybody had this before?
  2. andyd358

    Working DSM 6

    Just thought I would mention this: I could not connect to the web interface at all nor even ping it until I changed the Network from NAT to Bridged. Then it worked fine.
  3. Tried the download but Contact form is not working when you click submit to get the password
  4. wasn't just windows could not access it from my Mac either at the time.
  5. Looks like its working again I restarted it and can access the shares through windows wile explorer.
  6. Hi bit of a weird one here. Just setup a bare metal install of the now working DMS 5.1 on a HP DL120 G6 install went well. can access it through Chrome fine but not through IE and also can access the shared folders from My PC through \\\ . I can ping it by IP and Name but error is no network path. Strange. Anybody else having a problem or just me. Just to add I have my main setup using DSM 5.0 and I can access that fine.
  7. 5.1 on Xpeno looks to be stable now, i just tried it, but all Vms crash on "-1 code error" Where could i find log messages to find the problem ? Thanks for your help, can't wait you support dsm 5.1 Gary When it gives you the error you clcik on details and it gives you the long error
  8. Hi Seba looking forward to your work. Like others have said take your time mate. Just remember that we do appreciate all the work you have put into it.
  9. Hi Seba I have the same problem. I've installed DSM .1 on a spare server (DL120 G6) and the DSM is working great. I installed your package and it installs no problem. Create a VM no problem but when I run it I get the same problem as above. I understand that you do no support DSM 5.1 but do you have plans to do so in the future. (hope so you have already saved me on my electric bill ). I have DSM 5.0 running on a HP NL40 and your package works perfect on that. I have two vms running one is an Elastix PBX and the other is a Win 7 for y CCTV using iCatcher. I would love to
  10. andyd358

    BAcking UP

    Thanks for this info its given me food for thought, though I would prefer my backups gong to a separate system incase of failure.
  11. andyd358

    BAcking UP

    Thanks for replying. I may consider setting up another PC with xpenology to back up to but would really like the rsync backup to the WD My Cloud to work.
  12. andyd358

    BAcking UP

    Backups How are most people backing up their data. Ivv got a HP nl40 running DSM 5.0 and I'm trying to get a stable rSync backup to work consistently. Its backing up to a WD 4tb Mycloud Nas drive. The initial backup worked but was slow but any subsequent backups fail almost straight away. Im using the backup and replication to a Network rsync compatible server and its logged in fine. I was just wondering how other people are backing up the data. I know I could just buy a large USB drive and do it that way but thats far too easy
  13. Tried Blue Iris but didnt like it far too clunky ended up using iCatcher on a windows VM. Worked great only reason i didnt move to SS for a while is I was using a Webcam as a camera and iCatcher supported this. Now moved to SS and using it with 4 IP cams. Works great.
  14. andyd358

    Webcam SPK

    Anyboy got a link to the webcam spks Cant seem to find them anywhere?
  15. Sorry but why is BS to pay for it, its a company that make a product and they sell it. As for other software i use iCatcher but thats on windows an you have to pay for it. there is which is free but on windows. Im using one of my boxes to run that and also have VMs running for other applications like Elastix PBX along with other VMS. How about using Synology as a vm on a windows machine and using the above software for your CCTV