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  1. My main VM machine home is a X5650 based machine. However its a electricity and heat beast The link you send didn´t work..
  2. Hi Guys, I am currently looking into buying a new Xpenelogy machine. My current baremetal setup is a pretty old Intel 4th gen Core I7 with 16 Disks. Start to feel outdated (almost 10 year old hardware) So any suggestion whats should I buy to build a proxmox based XPEnology I know that redpill is in dev state, and i have it up and running on a 8th motherboard. Any thoughts....
  3. Did not help. Did a full wipe of the DSM after i changed the CPU to Haswell. Getting some error messages ash-4.4# cat /var/log/messages | grep photo 2021-09-21T07:43:05+02:00 hackology synofoto-face-extraction[21895]: /source/synophoto-plugin-face/src/face_plugin/lib/face_detection.cpp:214 Error: (face plugin) load network failed 2021-09-21T07:43:05+02:00 hackology synofoto-face-extraction[21895]: uncaught thread task exception /source/synofoto/src/daemon/plugin/plugin_worker.cpp:90 plugin init failed: /var/packages/SynologyPhotos/target/usr/lib/ 2
  4. I saw some comment to add more cpu/core , however didnt solve my issue? Which PAT file do you use for the ds3615xs install? The only one i found was 7.0.1RC , which failed to install..
  5. Have anyone got Face detection work in Photos with Redpill 918+ in Proxmox? My usr/syno/etc/codec/activation.conf contains {"success":true,"activated_codec":["hevc_dec","h264_dec","h264_enc","mpeg4part2_dec"],"token":"**REMOVED**"} dev/dri/ contains card0 renderD128 However no faces gets detected. Cheers... I love the progress of redpill
  6. Mine works to . Cheers everyone
  7. The value is in /etc/synoinfo.conf For me it gets back to 12 after a reboot. //M
  8. Struggling with the same thing right now. //M