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    Drivers requests for DSM 5.2

    Is there any chance, that the areca raid card driver will included? i know that in the Support list, areca pops up, but when i boot with the areca card installed, xpenology calls a shutdown and the System folows it and shut down... I am testing with a areca arc 1680. Could you please look for it? I have tried all versions i have found so far. Another question: When the driver is fully suported, did i create the raid on the raidcard or did i create the raid in the synology Software (Little confused) Is there anybody who runs a areca raid Controller with xpenlogy? Thanks in advanced
  2. elyzer

    List for next driver rebuild

    Could you please add areca driver in kernel? http://www.areca.us/support/s_linux/dri ... 111012.zip i would be verry thankfull.. many. greetz from germany verry good work so far