USB drives in Windows & win32diskimager

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Hi All

I dont know if this is just my setup, but after a recent Windows update (to 1709/16299), win32diskimager and Windows behaviour with USB drives seems to have changed.


Previously if I flashed a drive with 6.1, Windows would then show 2 USB drives, one each with the 30 and 15 mb partitions. These were browsable and files could be edited (ie grub and swapping extra.lzma files).


I was using this as a lazy way to test images, edit vid/pid, without having to edit/save in osfmount.


Now, if I flash a drive, the 15 mb partition appears as a drive, but for the 30, Windows demands to format it (no of course).


Also, if I try to reflash a previously flashed drive, win32diskimager complains the drive is write protected. So does the HPUSB disk utility that normally overwrites everything.


Looking at the drive in Windows disk manager, the 30mb partition can't be deleted, shows as uefi.


At the moment my workaround is to use gparted which seems ok deleting everything.


Anyone else had this problem?

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Looks like the Fall Creators Update changed W10 behaviour - thanks @IG-88 for the tip

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