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Change homes to different volume


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I have XPEnology installed on a HP N40L Microserver. The system is installed on /volume1 which is a SATA 2.5" drive. All data is on /volume2 (SHR) which are 2 3.5" discs. I have LDAP directory server enabled and I want every user's Home folder on /volume2 pool. There is only /volume1 to choose from in the DSM software. How to change this location via CLI?

I have edited the symbolic link /var/services/homes to point to /volume2 but this doesnt't change enything in DSM.

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Never mind. As often I was thinking too complicated (must be because I'm coming from a ClearOS fileserver).

Here is the fix:

Just make the home location standard on "Volume 1"

After the home folder service has been started

go to Control Panel > Shared Folder

and open the "homes" share.

Change location from "Volume 1" to "Volume X"

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