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Calling all Dev's for collaborative effort

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Hiya all,


I am not a very experienced developer, more of a sysadmin, linux admin, web site developer.However I am open to learning new things, and like to help the community.


I have been using xpenology since DSM 5.2 however only got to use it seriously very recently.


I am asking / suggesting an idea to get anyone who has some DEV skilss (linux, esx whatever) to come together and work in our free time, so we can continue the xpenology development, and not let it die.Its not dead, just saying actively contribute (and if we are a hard core team working together) may have a very healthy project.


I although have tons of hardware lying around (hobbyist) ofcourse not have everything, if we collaborate our efforts (as dev's ) we may be able to get many drivers


What do you think ? PM me if you wanna start something to collaborate, I mean getting drivers, HCL list whatever we can.


I feel the project has been very great, however the information sometimes is scattered, the developers come and go and personally I had to search a lot around to get information on what I needed.


Admins if this thread is not appropriate, feel free to delete.


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