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  1. I understood the ds916+ does do hw transcoding with Plex. The 3615 does not. In have the latter with a ASRock q1900 and no hw transcoding for me unfortunately. Thinking of going to the asrock n3150dc-itx with the ds916+. The ASRock supports Intel quick sync video so it should work!
  2. Were you able to get the DS916+ working on the q1900. I read it was not possible. I have tried to install it, but after the setup, I can't get assisstant to connect to the XPenology....
  3. thanks. success with 6.1.3, U3 on Q1900 with DS3615xs
  4. So, I am on a Q1900 with ds3615s. Currently working with a plex pass on the 1.8.1 version which supports HW transcoding, unfortunately, not in my combination of HW and SW. Is there anyone whom has tried the ds916 SW with a Q1900 and plex transcoding? Anybody have an idea if that could work or not?
  5. can you update from U1 to U3 in the DSM update section, or do we need to do something special?
  6. yes, and yes! I had 2X3 and 2X6tb in SHR
  7. I went from 5.2 to 6.1.3 in one go. used the guide from @Polanskiman: Used 1.02b and did not replace the etra.etza file
  8. What system do you have? I had to use the original extra.Izma file. maybe that would work in your case as well iso updating the file?
  9. successfully upgraded to 6.1.3 from 5.2 with Q1900!! Tested it first on an empty system (that took a couple of tries to get right; VID,PID,Network etc), after that, updating my production system took 5 min! all packages working like a charme
  10. According to Plex they now support hardware transcoding on Synology 64bit systems from DSM6 onwards. it's only for plex pass users, but possibly that might sort things out? Want to try this with my system, but first need to go from DSM 5.2 to DSM 6, still havent pulled the trigger. Not sure though of it supports the 916, the 3615, or the 3617. I thought it was the 15, but can't find the info anymore.
  11. Wish I could join, but don't have any coding capabilities. Appreciate the effort thought, as I concur with your remarks.
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