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DMS Freeze every day


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I'm writing to ask some help for a problem who is driving me crazy!

Since i update my DMS to 6.0 with Jun 1.0, my Xpenology bare metal with Q-1900-ITX start freezing every 1 or 2 days. 

The ping works but every service is down and the hard disks led is off. There is no error, no log, no connection working. The only chance is to manually reboot!

I have a single volume with 3TB and I added another disk just a single volume of 500Gb as double backup of some important files.

I would like to find a solution without loosing my data or I'm going to think to save all the important things on an external drive and move my config to esxi so I can connect anyway even if XPE will freeze again.


Can someone help me with some suggestions? Should I go back to DMS 5?


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