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  1. I'm planning to try a fresh install directly on 6.2 Inviato dal mio SM-G950F utilizzando Tapatalk
  2. Same problem here bro! I opened some posts too but without success. Inviato dal mio iPad utilizzando Tapatalk
  3. Actually I have 2 of the second dimm and I want to replace one of them with the first. I tried all the possible combination without success but I suppose I have a problem with my motherboard's slot 2 because now I'm having problems also with the original configuration. I will do some more experiments with my laptop ram which is the same type and also with a Linux distro to perform a double check Inviato dal mio SM-G950F utilizzando Tapatalk
  4. Yes, just tried with just the new dimm on slot 1 and it's starts normally Inviato dal mio SM-G950F utilizzando Tapatalk
  5. It's time to upgrade my config with some more RAM, actually I have 2 x 2GB DDR according with my Asrock Q1900-itx. I bought 1 x 4GB due to small budget so I thought to replace one of 2GB dimm and having 6GB of RAM. If I put the new 4gb on slot 1 is not starting, if I put on slot 2 and other 2gb on slot 1 the boot start and boot the loaded but nothing happens. XPE doesn't start and I have no idea why!! Does someone can help me? Inviato dal mio SM-G950F utilizzando Tapatalk
  6. ferdytao

    Indirizzo mac

    Ciao, Devi inserire il MAC address della scheda di rete che hai, il formato se non ricordo male è senza i : tra le coppie Inviato dal mio iPad utilizzando Tapatalk
  7. Thanks for your answer, there is the real MAC address on my grub, I had the problem both with static DSM address or DHCP lease. I don't think is a renewal problem because sniffing the interface there is nothing going outside from the Synology. I just update my DSM to last release and waiting for problem showing up again,l than I will try as you suggested to leave blank on my grub file Inviato dal mio SM-G950F utilizzando Tapatalk
  8. @bearcat I tried what you said but I don't have any xpenoboot file or folder on root, any other suggestion?
  9. Thanks a lot for your help! I'm going to try as soon as possible! I usually use SSH to connect to Synology so it's not a problem and it doesn't freeze do quickly but every couple of days or weeks... Very randomly! Anyway I will keep you update!! Thanks again Inviato dal mio SM-G950F utilizzando Tapatalk
  10. Hi to all, I need your help to resolve my problem with XPE. My installation consist of an Asrock Q1900 mini itx with 4GB RAM end 3 TB HD + 500GB HD, actually I have last juno's loader 1.04b DS918 but I tried all the other versions too. It's used to record 2 ip cams, media server with Video Station and Plex and some shared folders mapped on it. Since when I update from XPE 5.x to 6.x the server became unstable, every couple of days it loos the connection. Sniffing the network there are no packages coming out from XPE, it doesn't get the IP from the DHCP (also with static address was the same). No logs are stored during this "freezing" time and the only thing I can do is a manual reset and it's so frustrating specially when I'm out of town. Could someone help Thanks a lot!
  11. Puoi mappare una cartella di rete e la utilizzi come una cartella normale oppure puoi utilizzare l'applicazione drive di Synology che ti crea una cartella sincronizzata come Dropbox Inviato dal mio SM-G950F utilizzando Tapatalk
  12. ferdytao

    hard disk

    Potrebbe essere, dovresti provare con una configurazione più moderna Inviato dal mio SM-G950F utilizzando Tapatalk
  13. Hi everyone, last here I posted a problem happening with my XPE, today I'm still having same trouble. My system consist of a Asrock Q1900 ITX, two single volume disks, 4GB RAM and actually is running the Jun's Loader v1.03b DS3615xs with DSM 6.2. Here is my problem, basically I have a random services "freeze". The system is not reposing to http, ssh, telnet or any other connections. The hard disks are running (by the red light) and the Surveillance Station is recording even if doesn't accept any connection. Usually it responds to ping but not always. Noting is showed up on the log file so after more than one year I didn't realized the real problem. Actually the only solution is to manually reboot the system which is very annoying. I'm thinking to two solution, I will try some other hardware' specific loader or I will try to go with a virtualization system. Do someone have any tips to resolve or just discover the problem? Some other log file to read or some settings that could help? Thanks Ferdytao
  14. Io ti consiglio sempre il DS3615 che e il più collaudato Inviato dal mio SM-G950F utilizzando Tapatalk
  15. Ciao, Cambia la piattaforma hardware sulla quale si basano, utilizza il DS3615xs e vai sul sicuro. Comunque se vuoi approfondire trovi la spiegazione sulla sezione inglese del forum. Inviato dal mio SM-G950F utilizzando Tapatalk