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Need help rebuilding SHR

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I have a 6 disk SHR 1 running on Xpenology 5.2 5967 update 2, motherboard, Asrock c2750d4i


i disconnectet it last night, caurse i needed to replace the BNC chip, but in the struggle to replace it i pulled off one of the sata cabels, diden't noticed it before after i had turned it on again, so it warned me that my volume was either crashed or degraded, i then found out of the disk was disconnectet, turned of the server and plugged the sata in again, rebooted, hoping everything would work, well it diden't.


I then went to repair the volume using the disk that i reconnectet, it went on for almost 24 hours, and told me it was done, but my volume is still crashed and i can acces any files on the server


Anyone have some very good ideas about how to save this volume

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