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1.0.2a2 VBox OVA


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I've created a OVA specifically for VirtualBox from Jun's 1.0.2a2 Loader. It's based on the DS3617xs image provided in the following post:



Hopefully others will find it useful too, just attach one or more VHDs to the VM and you'll be able to find it using Synology Assistant. I strongly recommend the desktop version as the web version rarely works for me :smile:



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Works perfectly, thanks! did you need to compile the vbox drivers for this to work?


No need for any drivers from what I've tested, you may need to install the power button package if you would like to perform a graceful shutdown from the host (shutting down/restarting via DSM web interface works fine). USB 3 also works without issues on 3 completely different systems I tested.

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Previously my VM's were hung at the "find.synology.com" screen, not sure why.


Where can i get the power button package from?

Yeah don't use find.synology.com as it doesn't work properly. The official finder app however works great.


Power button package is found below, I've tested it on my bare metal 1.0.2a2 DSM and in VBox and it works just fine.




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