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3615xs generated serial registration problem

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Hello all,


I have been helping a lot of people setup their Xpenology and also using this tool http://quickconnector.orgfree.com/index.php to generate 3615xs serial number then register it with a synology account.


Recently I found that the serials generated for 3615xs are all unable to register. But if I choose another product e.g. 3612xs, the registration success.


is it the serial number has been exhausted so that all the serials I generated is a duplicate one? or Synology noticed this and simply block all 3615xs registration?


this is a real problem as quick connect has been so useful.



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What you have contributed to by using QuickConnect is making sure that Synology is blocking generated serials and looking closely at what is happening in this project.


Let me repeat what I have already said countless times in the forum. DO NOT use QuickConnect as you are abusing Synology's services. It's basically piracy. QuickConnect is aimed at Synology's customers.


If you need to access your Xpenology box from outside your local network simply setup a custom DDNS. The feature is available within DSM. It will do exactly the same as what QuickConnect does without using the servers and resources of Synology.


Topic locked.

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