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DS Cam 1 FPS?

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Hi! As anyone have same problem?


If i try to use and watch my live streams and recorded wideos vith DS Cam it is very slowly and

i see in the right corner 1fps....


Maybe someone know how to fix that?



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Set up a separate steam, one with lower resolution.


If your recording 1080 high bit rate etc and trying to convert and stream it's a lot of the software/hardware to handle.


I setup a separate stream, stream2 in the camera options which is for streaming purposes, much lower res.

It helped with the frame rate issue i had also at the start.


Play around with settings and see how you get on.


Mutlicam streaming is still only at 1fps tho, 4 cams on one screen etc, i cannot get it to stream any better.

Limitations of the software i read before.

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