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  1. Hi! I wish drivers for this pci cards & I wish to get that cards work with my xpeno. Thnx! Quote
  2. Hi! I have a 2 dvb-s pci cards and i use DSM6... Skystar 2 and Tevii S464 dvb-s2 Is it possible to get it work with dsm? I wish to use with tvheadend those cards but atm... tvheadend no found my dvb-s cards Thnx!
  3. HI! Is it possible to use pci dvb-s cards with linux support? like a tevii S464 & Skystar etc... ? I wish to use with tvheadend Thnx!
  4. Hi! As anyone have same problem? If i try to use and watch my live streams and recorded wideos vith DS Cam it is very slowly and i see in the right corner 1fps.... Maybe someone know how to fix that? Thnx!
  5. Hi! I use this motherboard: GIGABYTE GA-MA785GMT-UD2H ... -rev-13#sp and i cant get dsm 6 loader work with this (cannot find nothing in dsm finder) i dont know how i can see some log in console directly or log file somewhere? I try with old 5 bootloader and then i see.... so i thik maybe there are some drivers problem? maybe some user have same motherboard or someone can just help me out here. Wiht best regards! Marko.
  6. How did u upload these files in to synology if i have no root account anymore? and i have x86_64 then that tutorial works? Thnx!
  7. ok but what about some hikivision clones? something from here? ... n&_sacat=0
  8. Hi! I think there was thread, where someone talks about cameras what costs about 100 euros. But i cant find it anymore. Can maybe recommend for me something with good quality etc... and where i can buy it. Thnx!
  9. Hi! How to fix it? My xpenology boots up only with 6 disks in disk managment and show other 2 disks as external eSATA drives :/ i gave XPEnoboot_DS3615xs_5.2-5967.1 Thnx!
  10. markspoiss

    Working DSM 6

    Same problem here! Any news abou that?
  11. markspoiss

    Working DSM 6

    Same problem here! Any news about that?
  12. markspoiss

    Working DSM 6

    do you have lastest update or just DSM_DS3615xs_7393.pat ? maybe with the latest works? but how i can upgrade? i can use only telnet.
  13. markspoiss

    Working DSM 6

    Hi! Iv*e got everything work yesterday but i dont know what happend today :/ maybe is it bevause in installed SurveillanceStation-x86_64-7.2.2-4649.spk i patched it with sspatcher-v061 chek around littlebit in menus etc... after some time but now i have extreamly slowly xpenology and i get errors like: synology connection failed please check your network settings and i cant check updates.. says no connection etc... and i cant see almost nothing in menus... every boxes looks emty and so on haha... and now i get blank (white) login page maybe someone can help me? Only i can log in with telnet. SSH not also working to :/
  14. Hi! if i patch that file: SurveillanceStation-bromolow-7.1-4155.spk But if i try to install it then i get this: Not compatible with my diskstation.... Please update it to 7.2.0-4556 or above. But above there is no bromolow verion? :/