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SATA Ports Disabled


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Hi guys,

I'm using XPENology 6.02 with Juns Loader for a few months on ma DELL T20 with four Harddrives on the onboard SATA Controller without any Problems.

Three days ago I disconnected all Drives to do a Firmwareupdate on one of the drives (but I didn't do the Update after all).


So I Connected all the drives again and wanted to start the Server, but it didn't work.

The Boot screen is showing the same screen as before, but I cant connect to the web Interface and the DS Finder doesn't find the Diskstation. Furthermore the DS doesn't connect to my Router.

I booted to the config Menu of the Diskstation and now the DS gets a IP via DHCP and I can connect to the Web Interface, there is written, that there are failures with the HDDs on SATA Port 5 and 6 and that the SATA Ports has been disabled.

The strange thing is, that the T20 doesn't have a SATA Port 5 and 6, it only has 4 SATA Ports. In the config file of Juns Loader I configured the SATA ports as "422", but that never was a problem.


I don't now what to do right now, does someone has a clue whats the Problem? Please help me :-|

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If you have 6 HDD connected to the same sata chipset the value is :


SATA ports is "6" and not 422 ( this value is for 3 controllers with 4 * HDD + 2 anothers with 2 * HDD )


OK, but I have only one Controller with 4 Ports in my T20, and it does't help if I set it to "4". In the past "422" never was a Problem.




Seems to me you didn't connect the HDDs in the same order or on the same ports there connect to prior disconnecting them. HDD should ALWAYS remain in the same order and on the same ports.


I thougt so too, but I tryed every Port with every HDD now.

Since I have no Raid configured it should be possible to disconnect 3 of the Harddrives and try all four ports with the remaining one, is that right?

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