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Slow DSM operation on Asus Prime B660M-A D4

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Hello. I've encountered that my DSM has become slow. I had no problems before. I was struggling with the installation for a long time in this thread  

But as soon as I installed it I didn't update the bootloader or the dsm itself. Because everything worked fine. Maybe someone can tell me what can be done? More precisely what action to do. Maybe it makes sense to update the bootloader or DSM just from the Web interface DSM is not asked to update. Specifications of my PC ( i5-12400, 16GB, Asus Prime B660M-A D4, 3xSkyhawk 4TB 1xSSD M.2 NVMe 250Gb Kingston NV1 SNVS/250G) By the way, I was not able to start the Nvme SSD on my motherboard. Maybe it also affects the fact that there is just a Nvme SSD in it. It's just that the response from the DSM itself is fast when I access it via Ip address. But already the files that I try to transfer over the network or download there more than 10mb/sec speed is not raised I have already changed cables, but the result is the same. No breaks, packets go normally. But the speed does not want to be 100mb/s and if you install virtual machines or WebServer, their work is very slow.

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