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How Long Before An Updated Package Appears?


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Setup my device about a week ago.  I installed the idrive app.  Current version installed is 2.05.05-7008. I note on the idrive website that for DSM 7 (and higher) you can only install/update from the Package Center.


Synology website is showing me a slightly newer version (2.05.05-7209) to what I have showing and I have no option to update in the Package Manager.




My model is on the applied devices list (DS2422+ and am running DSM 7.1.1-42962 Update 6)


Does it take a while to filter down to all devices?  Advise on anything I can do at my end?


EDIT:  I am having an issue with the current app install.  Everything works except the scheduled backup job does not run, no errors etc.  I've raised a ticket with idrive but so far not much help.  So was hoping the slightly newer version my resolve.


EDIT 2:  Ahh...maybe that newer version is only for DMS 7.2?


Thanks and chees in advance.

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