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Cannot Schedule a Shutdown - my 1st box.


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Hello all,


I only started my very 1st build 2 days ago.  I bit of trial and error but am getting there.  I am building a box not to be on 24x7 just so I can use the cloudSync and iDrive apps to sync down my GDrive data then rebackup to iDrive.  These are installed but not configured/connected.


I setup a HP T730 thin client - 8Gb ram, 2 x 256GB NGFF in a pcie sata card (raid 1) and 1 x 30Gb NGFF as the bootloader.  This was all kit I had laying around and only had to the buy the pcie sata card for £15.  Get solid file transfer speeds of 112Mbs.  Using ARPL v1.1-beta 2 to create DS2422+ build 42962.  So am pretty happy with the setup.


WOL works, short press on the power button to startup/shutdown works but I cannot remotley shutdown the unit.  ssh looks impossible from a command line perspective. (I use plink from windows).


If I use the built in scheduler just nothing occurs.  In the logs I see the job scheduled to run at X time but nothing after that.  Did some more digging/reading and in a faint hope I added the powersched addon to the boot loader but nothing. - Is it correct to install the addon and the build (rebuild) the boot loader from the menu again?


Can anyone please advise?  I do not mind how I shutdown this box as long as is gracefull.  - BTW I'll run a scheduled WOL command from my pfsense box.


Thanks and cheers


EdIt: Forgot to say that manual shutdown and reboot works fine through the DSM web gui



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So after a lot of googling.  I found this and it works





You have to install the perl app beforehand and the 1st time I ran the power app I did get a lot of text appear about spelling errors.  But i have been able to schedule a power down.  Not used the other elements.

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