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Hello everyone


I've just set up the pc I use as a nas. Everything works perfectly, but I have a write speed that to call obscene is putting it mildly.........


Main features HW:

Xeon X5690 CPU

24 Gb ECC 1333 DDR3

LSI 9207-8i controller

8 x 4TB disks

HP NC360T network card (I have also tried the Realtek 8111C onboard but the result is the same)


The network is wired in copper CAT6, the switch is a Linksys 8 ports with management and it works perfectly as the screenshot with the iperf3 results demonstrates


In the first screenshot with the file transfer graph you can see the obscene transfer speed. The DSM version is 7.1.1-42962 Update 5 and the loader is ARPL v1.1-beta2a configured as 3622


In the second screenshot where it's running at full bandwidth, it's with the same PC with FreeNAS.............


Do you have any idea why DSM has a transfer speed that sucks? Any ideas ?





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