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DSM 6.0.2 with 6 NICs - PLEASE HELP!


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I've been running DSM 5.2 on Microserver Gen8 for a while and yesterday I upgraded it to DSM 6.0.2.


The upgrade was pretty smooth and all worked great after that.


Then I decided to throw in a quad Gigabit card in (HP NC365T).


The card got detected OK, I can see additional 4 ports in DSM, I can change their settings etc. But they don't seem to be passing any traffic. For example, they're unable to obtain IP addresses from DHCP server. When I assign the IP address manually, I'm unable to ping from/to them. The 2 on-board Intel Gigabit NICs work great though.


Do I need to change any settings in the grub.cfg for all 6 NICs to work properly with Xpenology?


Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Not familiar with adding NIC cards to Xpenology, but have you tried ssh to your box and using ethtool to see the state of the interfaces?

I think ethtool might provide better visibility into the settings and details of how the ports are configured.

You can also post the output here for additional assistance.

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