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[SOLVED]DSM 5.2 upgrade to DSM6 bare metal HP Micro Gen8


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Hello dear community. I can see few guides how to upgrade existing DSM 5.2 to DSM 6.

What is the best/proper way to perform the upgrade by not loosing the data please?

I'd like to know from someone that has experience with same hardware to avoid surprises.


Currently running DSM 5.2-5967 Update 2 bare metal on HP Microserver Gen8 with built in SATA/Raid controller, 3 HDDs connected, each disk is a separate volume with separate shares

, booting XPEnoboot from USB flash drive.

Thanks for every helpful comment in advance.

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Juns loader, okay, so I create USB drive from it(hope there is an img or iso), that's fine, but how to upgrade the existing data/settings ?

I have searched the forum, found something, but I am not sure if the methods are OK with the Gen8 HP.

That's why I started this topic, hoping to find someone that did the procedure and is willing to share his experience with me.

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After reading the Juno's upgrade/migration forum topic and comments, I will try to migrate to 6.X in near future.

I have edited the grub.cfg file as per the guide, added secondary MAC address. USB flashdrive is prepared by Win32Imager.

One question here.

I am using 3 SATA drives with the stock SATA/RAID controller, one SATA port is unoccupied yet.

Each SATA disk is having it's own Volume configured, no RAID arrays defined.

The SATA port for the DVD-DOM is not used(and won't be).

Do I have to fiddle with the "append SataPortMap=XX" during the Migration?

I don't want to do a fresh install.

Please advice.

Thanks in advance for advice.

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I went from a Gen7 n54l on dsm5.2 to a gen9 ml10 on dsm6.0 using Juno's guide, it was a piece of cake. No data lost.


Thanks chrisund123, so you took the disks, connected to the gen9, followed the guide for Junos 1.01, Using Synology assistant you did the Migrate?

How about setting? VPN server, Shares, FTP and other?

Did it remember the settings?

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I have finished the migration with no trouble overall. I have followed the Juno's migration guide (perfect job by the way) any migrated with ease. The only thing i had to set was the IP address. Then i have updated to Update 9 an had to hard reset the first time. But now all is perfect.

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