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Error after update from DSM 6.2 to 7.1


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Hello everyone, 


I just upgraded my xpenology from DSM 6.2 to 7.1 but I can't get the system to start.

I think I have problems with the sata port map.

i am using redpill 0.9.3

mother biostar a320 (4 sata, no m2 slot)

ssd 500gb for DSM

2x 4TB drives.

sata1 ssd 500gb drive

sata2 4tb drive

sata3 4tb drive


I leave you screenshots to see if someone can help me recover my system, since I didn't have such a big place to backup everything and I have photos of my children's whole life inside.










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Have you tried ARPL? You don't have to worry about dummy ports with that loader:

Is your motherboard a Ryzen model? I googled it and it came up as an AMD mobo.

You may want to switch to the DS1621+ for your hardware if it is. Have a look here:


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First of all, thanks for your answer, I tell you that I tried the ARPL, I do all the steps correctly, when I do the reboot to start the loader, everything is checked, the ping stops responding, and the system stops working, it freezes .

I tried with the model that I mention and with the 920+ and it does the same thing...


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