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Would be great if someone could give me some tips on this one (someone who knows what they are doing :-)).


I've been playing with this on and off for a while, using many different guides and different USB sticks - slowly trying to get towards the goal of getting an old HP microserver gen 8 intel celeron 2.3ghz which was running 7.0.1-42218 via Juns loader up to a newer version using redpill.

I haven't wiped any of the drives and am trying to migrate, just used this guide most recently to get to where i am now:

I was intially getting the corrupted message when trying to upload a pat file, but that seems to have been resolved by using all the commands in the above guide (some weren't in other guides i noticed). Anyway i am now in the scenario where i try to upload a pat file (have tried DSM_DS3615xs_42218.pat and DSM_DS3615xs_42962.pat) but it gets to 8x/9x% reboots and then comes back to the install screen again.


I've read lots, one says about getting logs as below for some clues


cat /var/log/junior_reason


cat /var/log/*rc*


none of these exist (using winscp to browser the file structure); I also saw a very similar thread about a script which would seem to fix this issue, but it looked to be hosted on gitlab but has since gone.


I've also got an older HP Server Gen 6 to upgrade if i ever manage to get this newer one done, that's on 6.0.2.


Any assistance / wizardry much appreciated!.



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Hi @sandyring, I'm also running a Gen8 here that was originally on Jun's loader, but got migrated to redpill in the early days. While DS3615xs runs well on Jun's loader it's proven to be very unstable (in a reproducible manner) on redpill:


As such, you're better of emulating a DS3622xs+ on Gen8 hardware.


I'd recommend you follow flyride's tutorial here:

...then build a broadwellnk/DS3622xs+ bootloader for 7.0.1-42661. You may need to specify the tg3 driver to get the onboard NICs working. (NB. DSM 7.1 is only supported on the development version of TCRP at present, it'll come to the release version shortly).

Although you were previously emulating a DS3615xs, the system will boot up, see your existing disks with DSM data on them, and offer to migrate. It thinks you've moved the disks physically from a DS3615xs to a new DS3622xs+

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