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Internal Hard Drive for backup?


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Hi all,


I realise my need for a backup disk for all my data, so I've been wondering lately: if I connect an internal hard drive to a SATA port (so not USB), is there a way to convince DSM not to initialize it as part of an array but keep it standalone and access it as if it were an external USB disk? This would have two reasons:


1- Since it would only serve a backup purpose, I would like to format it to NTFS, it would make things easier should I ever need to recover data;

2- since I often have Download Station running, disks never go to sleep; if one of the disks is not part of an array, it would not have DSM installed on it, so there is at least a chance for it to suspend.


What do you guys think?



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Afaik you can't mount a drive in the way you would like under DSM.


You can create a diskgroup/volume which consists of one single disk and you can use the ext4 file system on that volume (which can be mounted under any number of linux distros for recovery). I haven't noticed an option to use ntfs as the underlying file system on a group/volume.


In my experience if one disk wakes they all wake. Having said that I haven't investigated what happens in the configuration you mention. I suspect you will find that it will wake regardless of it being a separate group/volume.


If I'm wrong I'm sure someone will correct my mistake/s.

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