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  1. Hi all, I have just purchased a 4TB HDD which I would like to use purely for backup purposes. I have an XPEnology box with DSM5.2.5644.5 and a 3 volumes: RAID1, RAID5 and no RAID (actually they are all SHR, I used standard nomenclature to explain the redundancy). My question is: should I install the new disk inside the XPEnology box, create a new volume (volume4) and use this as the backup destination or should I insert the HDD into a USB external box and backup everything there? My thoughts: Internal: no space on desk, as fast as it can get, protected from power surges and sho
  2. Hi, thanks for the reply! I sounds very interesting, it has to be seen if then I can access the mounted drive from any of the available backup tools... I think it is worth a try, I will keep you informed!
  3. Hi all, I realise my need for a backup disk for all my data, so I've been wondering lately: if I connect an internal hard drive to a SATA port (so not USB), is there a way to convince DSM not to initialize it as part of an array but keep it standalone and access it as if it were an external USB disk? This would have two reasons: 1- Since it would only serve a backup purpose, I would like to format it to NTFS, it would make things easier should I ever need to recover data; 2- since I often have Download Station running, disks never go to sleep; if one of the disks is not part of an arr
  4. Same reply to me, too... Sent from my Nexus 10
  5. Hi Trantor, My board, AsRock N3150M, uses the NCT6792; will it be compatible with the nct6775 drivers?... Thanks for your invaluable work!
  6. Er... it does not... ??? root@DiskStation:~>parted /dev/sda align opt 1 1 aligned root@DiskStation:~>parted /dev/sda align opt 2 2 not aligned root@DiskStation:~>parted /dev/sda align opt 5 5 not aligned root@DiskStation:~>parted /dev/sdc align opt 1 1 aligned root@DiskStation:~>parted /dev/sdc align opt 2 2 not aligned root@DiskStation:~>parted /dev/sdc align opt 3 3 aligned Ouch... I am lost again... hdparm -I /dev/sda reports: Logical Sector size: 512 bytes Physical Sector size: 4096 b
  7. Wow, how right you were! I did as you suggested: Model: HGST HDN724040ALE640 (scsi) Disk /dev/hda: 4000787030016B Sector size (logical/physical): 512B/512B Partition Table: gpt Disk Flags: Number Start End Size File system Name Flags 1 1048576B 2551054335B 2550005760B ext4 raid 2 2551054336B 4698537983B 2147483648B linux-swap(v1) raid 5 4840079360B 4000681082879B 3995841003520B raid So in fact partitions ARE 4k aligned! 1048576/4096 = 256 2551054336/4096
  8. Hi all, thanks for your replies. Absolutely agree. The datasheet for the HGST drives in question are silent on the topic though. Exactly. WD EARS are indeed Advanced Format, while HGST says nothing about it, but, according to Linux, it does have 4k sectors. I must gently disagree. For all operating systems and disk arrangements, sector size matters. For single disks, the minimum file system allocation unit must be a multiple of the sector size. Otherwise, misaligned allocation units will cause two sectors to
  9. Can you please publish here what you wrote them?
  10. Hi all, I have recently set up my system, starting with a pair of 4TB HSGT Deskstar NAS and then adding 1 TB WD green disks. Now I wonder if DSM is capable of correctly recognizing and aligning 4k-sector disks. I don't know if the HGST are in fact 4k-sector disks, but if I run: cat /sys/class/block/sda/queue/physical_block_size I get: 4096 However, if I run parted on /dev/sda and I press p I get: Model: HGST HDN724040ALE640 (scsi) Disk /dev/sda: 4001GB Sector size (logical/physical): 512B/512B Partition Table: gpt Disk Flags: Number Start End Size Fil
  11. Did You solve it? Inviato dal mio Nexus 10 utilizzando Tapatalk
  12. Have You tried running smart checks on the drives? Sometimes fake errors get cleared... Inviato dal mio Nexus 10 utilizzando Tapatalk
  13. Have You tried running smart checks on the drives? Sometimes fake errors get cleared... Inviato dal mio Nexus 10 utilizzando Tapatalk
  14. i dischi vengono visti ma come? Nuovi, inizializzati, non inutilizzati, vuoti, pieni?... Inviato dal mio Nexus 10 utilizzando Tapatalk
  15. Apparently the only reason why they moved to N3160 is because the N3150 was phased out by Intel, but since no recalls have been issued, I believe there are no problems with the processor itself and DS716+ and DS216+ will continue to receive support and upgrades... I myself have an Asrock N3150M and I have no intention to change it... Inviato dal mio Nexus 10 utilizzando Tapatalk
  16. I thought about buying the N3700 as well, but 30€ difference (70 vs 100) was unjustified for me, the difference being only the boost frequency (for the most part you will stay at 1.6GHz or less, unless you are heavily transcoding) and a slightly better GPU (which is mainly useless for a NAS). No brainer after a bit of research, and the reason is still valid after trying it.
  17. I have just built a NAS with exactly that board, and I am very happy about it. It is true, there is no burst CPU control yet, but that is no real problem, at least for the basic stuff I have yet to see the processor go above 50%, usually much less. Another problem is that I cannot control the HD fan speed, but also for that I hope that drivers will be included in the next xpenoboot release. I cannot say anything about WOL, never used it...
  18. Hi Trantor, I just assembled my NAS with a AsRock N3150M motherboard, and I cannot see fan controls in control panel. Does it require a specific driver for that? I would like to be able to control fan speed according to disks temperature, otherwise it always sounds like an aeroplane taking off... Thanks!
  19. Thanks for the reply. Extend it yes, but add the 4 TB to change the RAID level from nothing to RAID1... I have not found a way... Is it possible? EDIT: I have re-read your reply more carefully and I cannot quite figure out what could happen without trying (and I cannot do it now because the two 2TB disks are currently busy).. I can only guess that adding a 4 TB disk to a 2x2TB SHR will give me the choice to move from RAID1 to RAID5... Perhaps it could allow me to create two 2TB volumes, redundant each on half the 4TB disk... to 2TB//(4TB/2) + 2TB//(4TB/2), but I am not sure this is wh
  20. Hi all, I have just finished assembling my station: N3150M motherboard, extra Syba SATA controller, 8GB of RAM. I am experimenting a bit and I am trying to do something which does not appear, unfortunately, possible. First attempt: I thought I could take my new 4 TB drive, create a volume and copy data on it, then add my spare 2x2TB drives, create a disk group in JBOD and use this group as second member of a RAID1 array. In pratice, 4//(2+2). Apparently, not possible. Second attempt: I was disappointed to find out I could not do this either: 2TB+2TB disk group in JBOD, create a vol
  21. Hello, thanks for your replies. In fact I am still undecided: I am trying to choose between the N3700M (mATX) and the N3150-ITX. The former has 3 free PCIe slots, but only 2 SATA ports on board, so I would need to install 2 PCIe SATA controllers to reach 10 SATA ports (8 needed at the moment), plus 1 empty slot for a possible GBE card for redundancy/link aggregation on Ethernet. The 3150-ITX, on the other hand, has 4 SATA ports but only one PCIe slot, plus a miniPCIe, for which exist GBE cards but it is unknown (to me!) if they will work... And then there is the memory thing... but I like
  22. Hello, I am wondering if, for a system based on the N3150 or N3700, it makes a huge difference to have single channel or dual channel memory. I am planning to buy 8 GB for my XPEnology station, the question is: 2x4 or 1x8? Of course 2x4 would be better, however one single 8 GB module is more "recyclable" shoud I realise that I need more memory (maybe for virtualization): I could simply add one more module, while if I buy now 2x4 I would need to replace both, and recycling 2x4 GB modules might be a little harder. Or is 2x2GB enough? Thanks!
  23. Haha! I thought so... Well, some extra work to be done then, but probably worth it... Thank you very much!