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DSM 5.0 Upgrade Advice





I'm running an ancient version of XPEnology. DSM 5.0-4528 on a HP Proliant N54L, with 5 drives (using one of the hidden SATA connectors).


It's been working fine, but I'm looking to get some of the new shiny.


What's the best way to upgrade to 6.2 or maybe even 7? Can I go directly to 6.2? Do I need to do intermediate updates?


I'm a bit hesitant to upgrade as I don't have adequate space to backup the drives, so want to be extra careful with the upgrade path.   

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You are long way to DSM 7. The link above contains information about the upgrade path. Read it carefully.


The main issue is that every time you might need to load different loaders and that it's troublesome.


If I was in your position I will find a way to backup my stuff and make a clean install to DSM 7.1 3622xs+




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