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ESXi 6 RDM Error - Incompatible device backing specified


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Evening all


Hopefully someone can help me.


I've got a new ESXi 6 set up. I used the guide here (viewtopic.php?f=15&t=5255) to set up the VM but used the latest VMDK image rather than build my own.

I've managed to power the machine on and can get to the install so I know the image is OK, but when I try to add any raw drives it won't let me.


I used Xpenology member Cyanlabs video guide (

) on how to map RDM's.

I have 2 WD3 TB drives each is it's own datastore with a folder called RDM inside, and a VMDK of what i assume is itself.


When I go to add a disk the RDM option is greyed out. When I point to the VMDK file I get "Incompatible device backing #0"

I read on the internet to go to settings and disable RdmFilter.HbaIsShared I get the same error.


Any ideas?

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OK so I've had no luck wish ESXi 6, so gone back to version 5.5


Slightly more luck, the VM builds now but when I try to attach a RDM drive it says the file failed to lock.

I have a VDMK of the machine within its own datastore\RDM\Drive.vmdk

Is that normal behaviour? Or do I need the VMDK file else where?



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