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Silver Fang

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Im new to this NAS and im thinking of building a small NAS to store my photos and videos so I can stream to my iPad, iPhone, etc.

What is the current stable Xpenology version?


Reason why I dont want to buy a Synology is that I want to stream my H.264 and HEVC videos and the cheap Synology doesnt have enought power for transcoding the videos.


Thanks in advance

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The current version is the one listed in the sticky




As for your reason of building your own box vs buying a full fledged Synology is not really our concern, but we can always help with figuring out what Parts are compatible for the build you plan to create.


If you have not yet planned which PC parts you are going to pick up I'll suggest browsing through the Compatible Hardware guide



It also helps if you have some sort of budget in mind, and how many HDDs you plan to use.

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