Find.synology not working?

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Hi all.



I got a DSM 6.2.3-25426 xpenology running for ages. And I fiddle with making new servers for other people or just for myself quite a lot.

I recently set up a xpenology 6.2.3-25426 on a vm for instance. All worked out fine. So I know how it works.


Now I try to load juns loader 1.03b for ds3617xs on a gigabyte z97sli with 4770k. With intel gbit lan. And it cant find the server on

Normally I would say ok. no lan support. fine. but it also doesnt find my own server. Assistant also doesnt find both of them

Did something happen?

Or is it me?




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Posted (edited)

Good old RTFM... Never fails!

This motherboard boots into uefi instead of legacy as standard. And 1.03b bootloader doesnt do uefi. After setting boot to legacy, it found it immediately.

I am not used to uefi motherboards yet. ;) I mostly mess around with older crap.


Anyway. still weird why it wont find my own server though.


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