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[SOLVED] ISCSI LUN unavailable after volume degradation


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I am unable to list my ISCSI LUN in disk manager after a hard drive failure. I have replaced the failed drive and the volume that the LUN is on and the volume now reports as normal except the LUN is not available to the 2012 R2 server or my windows 10 workstation.


I have tried rebooting the Synology and the 2012 server with no luck. Also I tried to create a new LUN and that also says it is unavailable. The target state is connected.






Any help is appreciated. thanks

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FWIW, I had a LUN do that, and that fix worked temporarily, but every reboot it would become unavailable again. It was a file-based LUN, so I ended up copying the data and deleting the LUN in order to address it. I've not used file-based LUN since, but I am not sure it was the culprit. I will try again sometime, but for now NFS is working out ok.

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