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Final specs


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I am hopping hear are my final specs for my server. I will be running Esxi.

3U Server Case w/ 16x 3.5


Supermicro X9drl-e

Intel Xeon E5-2670v1 x2

Samsung 32GB 4X8GB DDR3 1333MHz PC3-10600R ECC REG Registered Server Ram


From the what I have read this should handle plex very well. With some transcoding. Any thoughts

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OK... i know many here prefers to run XPEnology inside ESXI in a server configuration similar to yours.


However I must ask.


Are you asking for feedback on an ESXI build?

or are you asking for feedback for a XPEnology build?


Because the ultimate goal will greatly differ in the feedback.


That server specification is great for both project.


You can run XPEnology barebones on the hardware itself, and since you got 32GB RAM on it, you can run 3 to 4 virtual machines inside XPEnology.


You can run ESXi on it, and then figure out what you want to do with the HDD space and SATA controllers.


Here's the gotcha since ESXi doesn't play well with the LSI 9211, you will not be able to RAID the HDD for ESXi use.

That means you'll need to store your virtual machines somewhere else, or split them among each individual drives.


You'll need to at least dedicate 1 HDD for VM datastore.


the LSI 9211 are good for XPEnology, so you could dedicate the PCI passthrough in the VM for XPEnology to use, running inside the ESXi machine.


The only benefit of the ESXI setup is that you can roll back, but then if that's what you are planning to do, you are missing additional hardware as mentioned above.


the VM machines will run very slow if they are not on a RAID, meaning the datastore should be on a RAID


and you can not have a datastore inside XPEnology, until you have ESXI running with XPEnology installed. (can't have chicken without the egg, can't have egg without chicken)

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