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WOL and Schedule boot up isn't working on N40L



First, Sorry for bad English.

I try to solve it while watching our country web site. but I couldn't solve it


I bought a HP Microserver N40L few days ago from craiglist. 

I installed DSM 6.2.3 25426 update 3 with Jun's mod 1.03b and Hacked BIOS (for extra HDD bay on 5.25)

and I changed CR2032 Battery last night. 


First problem is doesn't work WOL function.

I matched MAC address in grub.cfg file with real MAC address in BIOS. 

I checked 2 options in Power Recovery, Hardware & Power, Control Panel.

I set WOL option to enabled in BIOS.

I sended Magic Packet on a router. It doesn't work.


also The Schedule boot up is not working.


Second problem is about schedule boot up.

Someone told me, the N40L BIOS use UCT and DSM use RTC. so BIOS time is 9 hours fast than DSM. 

If I make schedule 9 hours early than I want to boot up time, it will work on time.

But I doesn't work too.


I really want to solve these problems.





stay safe and have a good day. 

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