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G8 Microserver CPU


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Hi All


I have a HP G8 Microserver running expenology bare metal, I have upgraded the cpu to a xeon 1220l V2 and have 4GB ram fitted.


If expenology is based on a 3615xs which is an i3 cpu, does having anything more powerful than that go to waste ?


Or will expenology use (or find useful) the additional horsepower you run it on ? eg. additional cores, clock speed, hyper threading, die cache...etc...



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No Xpenology can address 8 total cores weather physical or logical (hypertheading). Physical processors do not matter.


Can do on processor with 8 cores or 2 with 4 cores.


Cheers bglf83


This validates my choice to have gone with a G8 as I plan to make good use of DSM 6 and its features/add ons when it becomes available.

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