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  1. Hi cristimv Sorry to hear about your NAS, thats the exact scenario I am trying to avoid. For me it would be disastrous if this occurred while I was away for work given how reliant I am on the functions provided by the 1515 currently and yes I am well aware of the atom bug and my unit is affected. Its interesting what you say about the cameras, when I was running exponology as a VM on my G8 I had 4 cameras and never had any trouble, I have a 4 pack camera licence. My plans have changed somewhat since the original post, I have purchased a HP ML310e V2 server with a xeon 1241 cpu, I will reuses what HW I can from my G8 (ram, raid card, cables, SSD's) and my NAS (just the disks). I have also ordered a dual port NIC card and an Icydock 4 bay SSD unit (fits into a 5.25 bay), these will also go into the new server which will run ESXi. The SSD's will provide VM storage and the HDD's will be passed thru to the Xpenology VM using the B120i controller in SATA AHCI mode. The only thing I am uncertain of is whether my ram will work in the new server, I have only found one post on German forum where someone claimed they had successfully re-used the same ram.
  2. Hi All Need some advice on best way to proceed with a g8 microserver. I have 16gb of ram, an e3-1260l, and 4x3 TB wd red drives. I also have 2 pice cards spare, so I could use one of them. I have a dual Nic card and a raid card that can be reprogrammed to IT mode. My question is what is the best path forward for me to run Xpenology. Should I go bare metal or Esxi. In more detail, how should I best use the HW at my disposal in each scenario? Currently I run a ds1515+ which I am looking at retiring, it runs 6.1 dsm. I use the dsm virtual machine licence to run mail, cloud, caldav, carddav and surveillance station. The main dsm in install runs docker for plex, Sab, sickrage, photos, music streaming. I had been using the g8 for VM land but have finished with playing around and would like to repurpose the HW in a meaningful way. Appreciate any guidance suggestions.
  3. venno

    Working DSM 6

    Success! I was not able to create a raid group using a 3tb drive, but I dropped the size down to 600gb and have a volume 1 now. Apps seems to install and run ok, now for some further testing. Do i need to keep the 16gb disk 2 or can I delete it now I have a volume in operation?
  4. venno

    Working DSM 6

    Yep, realized that I just deleted the Syno OS which was on the 16GB drive its booted into the install DSM screen. I think I will just blow it away and re-import the OVF and add a third drive. Would there be anyway of transitioning the boot disk to an Xpenology bootloader for bare metal install?
  5. venno

    Working DSM 6

    Hi koroziv I think I messed up, I used the web gui to expand the 16gb HDD2 to 3tb to use this as my drive. When I go to create a raid group it crashes out after hitting apply and says no raid group so I can't create a volume. Should I have added a third HDD in the VM and left the 16GB one alone? Edit: third times a charm, I am off and running, don't know what issue it was having before. Second Edit: nope, bombs out after several seconds and exists the raid group creation screen
  6. venno

    Working DSM 6

    Cheers Guys I was using an old version of ESXi from last year, have started from scratch with the latest HPE version and the web gui is a nice little addition I must say. Imported the OVF again, upped the ram and booted straight up. Found easily after a few minutes and sitting at the config screen as I type. Its been a while since I had to this with Xpenology in ESXi, what steps do I need to do next to add the actual storage? I have one logical volume presented by the HP raid controller, the data store/logs/drivers...etc... are also warehoused on this volume. cheers and good work for bringing DSM 6 to us all
  7. venno

    Working DSM 6

    Hi I have a G8 with ESXi 6 and have been trying to get the OVF file provided by koroziv to work. I import the ovf and check that the HDD1 is IDE and non persistant, I see HDD2 but can get no details for it in the vsphere client, I don't have the web client. When I boot the VM and let it run as per the instructions in this in this thread, I cannot see the DSM 6 NAS on the network. I have tried the web finder and also the synology assistant. I have cheacked the VM to ensure the networking is tied to a valid and operational port on the LAN. What else can I check?
  8. venno

    G8 Microserver CPU

    Cheers bglf83 This validates my choice to have gone with a G8 as I plan to make good use of DSM 6 and its features/add ons when it becomes available.
  9. Hi All I have a HP G8 Microserver running expenology bare metal, I have upgraded the cpu to a xeon 1220l V2 and have 4GB ram fitted. If expenology is based on a 3615xs which is an i3 cpu, does having anything more powerful than that go to waste ? Or will expenology use (or find useful) the additional horsepower you run it on ? eg. additional cores, clock speed, hyper threading, die cache...etc... cheers
  10. Yes there is a HDD in bay 1, the bios is set for sata AHCI. The console connection shows the 'starting udev devices' and 'waiting for trigger' lines (wording may not be exactly correct, trying from memory as the G8 is not at my house). It does not proceed to the login display prompt as my ESXi VM does. Using the synology assistant it finds the new DSM at the DHCP address but the connect button is greyed out and the status is shown as starting services. You can ping the IP address but attempting to connect with a web browser says the server/system at that address is down.
  11. Hi I need some help with an install. A friend has a G8 and wants to run Exponology bare metal as he doesn't want to run anything else on it (VM's). I have only done the ESXi VM install but I gave him a hand to try and install on his box. We downloaded the latest Xpenoboot ISO and used rufus to create the usb boot disk. We then booted the G8 off the usb and it went thru to the 'waiting for trigger event' on the console screen and then just stops there. An IP has been assigned by DHCP but we could not connect to it via a web browser, also tried the Syno assistant and it says 'starting services' and will not allow a connection. We have tried different thumb drives, win32 image writer, Xpenoboot image and ISO files but the result is always the same. Have also checked all the bios settings on the server and also updated all the firmwares. Can anyone help out, have I missed a step in the install process?
  12. Got the e3-1220l v2 and usb 3 passthru works and the VM's all run up ok. I have observed though that the VM's seem more sluggish depending on whats going on, the cpu host usage is closer to maxing out at times and it doesn't take much for this happen eg. running some apps on 2 or more vm's plus dsm chugging away 24x7. I guess its to be expected as there are now less MHz available overall compared to the i3 I had been running. May have to hunt around for a 4 core xeon as I don't think i will be able to add more vm's in the present state, I still have half the physical ram available so I'm not done just yet. The new cpu does run significantly cooler though.
  13. Put my new cpu with Vt-d in and setup usb passthru of the usb 3 controller on the G8 to the Xpenology vm. Edited the files as per this thread and all works fine, usb 3 dongle is picked up in DSM as nic 2 and works perfectly for connection to camera network.
  14. Hi All Need some guidance on hardware selection. I have a G8 microserver that I want to put ESXi on to run a few VM's: XP Desktop Ubuntu Desktop Mac OSX Desktop Automation server Xpenology NAS I have a raid card, P420, and 4 WD 2TB red drives in the cage in raid 5 for the Xpenology with remaining VM's on 2 ssd in a raid 0. I also would like to add a nic to the Xpenology by using a usb 3 ethernet adaptor on the G8. My question is about cpu requirement, I currently have an i3-3240 with fan in the G8. I have been considering moving to a xeon to gain Vt-d as I am unsure whether normal usb pass thru in ESXi will work for the ethernet adaptor. I have an option to purchase a e3-1220lv2 cpu, would this be sufficient for the setup or should I look for something more powerful such as e3-1230v2? cheers
  15. Hi Trantor So to recap, USB 3 to ethernet adaptors do work in Xpenology with the code mods specified? I am looking at running xpenology as a VM in esxi, will the code mods still work in setting up the adaptor for use in DSM using normal esxi usb pass thru or would I have to pass thru the usb 3 controller on my G8 microserver with VT-d to get this to work. cheers