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backups and recovery plan for DSM sysem?


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I am a newbie with this and It is wonderfull we can use DSM on microservers, thanks a lot to the people who make this possible, you rock guys!


I am starting moving my files to a SHR volume so is failsafe but.... what about system?

I did not find a lot information about how this works, I supouse when you burn XPEnoboot on usb memory then install assistant install DSM on the same memory.

Correct me if I am wrong.


So there are any process to make an image of currently running system and remake the USB Drive in case of failure?

Is there any option to auto copy one usb memory to another one plugged and have a bakup unit always up to date?

If I want to change an old memory with a better one can i simple make an image with Win32 Disk Imager and burn that image to the new memory with no problems?


Thanks a lot.

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