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DSM 6.2.3-25426 Update 3 - need HEIC Support


Hello there,

thanks for the good work here, but now i need a bit help. 


I have installed my xpenology on a Intel NUC with INTEL Celeron J3455 (Jun Loader), wich works great as an original DS918+

For myself i have a real DS918+ and i know "Moments" and its features. 


The Idea was to create a similar sheep system for my dad, where i can support him with some settings. 


For now there is internal a 1TB SSD and external a USB3.0 4TB HDD


Everything works like thought, but know we have setup Moments for his iPhone 11 Photo backup. 


The App uploaded his photos normally like on my other system, but when the job is done i doesn't notice that DSM converted the HEIC or MOV files like my other System. The thumbnails in this format are all grey, and you can not open that files on DSM. If you Download them, they are all OK


I look a bit around and find out that you need the Package "Advanced Media Extensions":



Source: https://www.synology.com/en-global/releaseNote/CodecPack


The Question, is there


A. a way to Update my DSM 6.2.3-25426 Update 3 to DSM 6.2.4? (...but i know the answer: there is no way to Update at this Moment... )


B. a way to install this Package " https://global.download.synology.com/download/Package/spk/CodecPack/1.0.0-0015/CodecPack-x86_64-1.0.0-0015.spk " manually by Terminal without update the DSM? (i try it in the PackageCenter without success because i need a higher DSM version)


My Dad is a bit frustrated about this Problem because, he was really looking forward to this feature. It was my Christmas gift for him and now the best announced feature doesn't work 😔


Ok, the rest backup parts are working fine but only this little feature i haven't test before. 


Can anybody help us? Please 🙏  





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this works for me now ;)

without playing Live Photos but that is ok for now :)


(for those who have the same problem)


1. patch your dsm with synocodectool-patch (press "1" by asking and hit Enter ;) )

2. Stop your Moments in DSM PackageCenter

3. Start your Moments in DSM PackageCenter

4. Open Moments in DSM

5. Klick on your Account and "Settings"

6. Klick on "General" tab

7. Klick on "re-index all


Wait about 5min and you see in DSM the following: 



When you have a look in Moments, you see some working HEIC Pictures... :)


Hope that the "MOV" files are now running *cross fingers*



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