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Best SAS HBAs and moving arrays across controllers


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In my ever continuing quest to solve my SAS HBA numbering issue (and therefore my OCD with respect to drive bays) I'm turning to the main forums to ask two questions;


1) What 6G/12G SAS HBAs support drive numbering properly in Storage Manager. By this I mean if I disable all on board SATA slots, I want my SAS HBA to enumerate SAS Port 0 to sda (or the first slot in Storage Manager) rather than randomly placing them across the array (SAS Port 7 = sdb etc.).


So far I believe, following my thread on enclosures, that the Adaptec HBA 1000-16i 12G SAS controller enumerates correctly, but has a SMART issue (haven't seen this myself so cannot say if that is correct). Are there any others? We know that LSI cards do not do this, so are there any more?


2) IF I was to create my arrays using my current LSI cards and accepted their random orderings for the moment, can I transfer the drives to a new controller that does order correctly without breaking the array? I don't want to rebuild this and then find I've broken it all once I find a card that does what I want.


I know that I can create a manual method of recording drive serial numbers against slot and using that to find failed drives, but I'm looking for simplicity to be honest.


Any thoughts, help, direction is appreciated!



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Has no one ever tried to move an array from controller to controller or from Sata to SAS where it might mess with the ordering?


Should I just give in and use Sata exclusively through addon cards to solve my problem? I'd rather not as it makes using backplanes and storage chassis much more difficult, but I can if it is the only way...

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