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login with cloudstation on NAS3615xs error


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Followed these directions and installed latest pat and updates:

http://www.pcmweb.nl/workshop/synology- ... esten.html

But during install nas make of an quickconnect account goes wrong, it gives an error if i try to login with my synology accountdetails. After skipping this en log in the nas via browser the NAS goes direct in offlinemode buit is stil seen in the LAN

I assigned the poort 6690 ingesteld in my router fritzbox7360 met with newest firmware.

But from cloudstation on mu linuxcomputer with admin account I get the error "cannot connect, check networksettings".


But i can login from any brower on my LAN on the NAS ga. The loginscreen appeers

The synology assistent does not find a server in the LAN.

What dit i do wrong?

PLease help, becouse i want to test it for to buy a real nas!

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you cannot use XPE/DSM with Synology services unless you use a real serial number and mac address (there are lots of threads about that on this forum)

If you want to use cloudstation from outside your LAN, setup a DDNS account and port forwarding on your router

inside your LAN you should be able to connect cloudstation with the NAS IP

Also you need to setup the user permissions within cloudstation app

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YES, i got the cloudstation login for specifik users configured, i add a user in nas and gave him rights in the cloudstaion app to use cloudstation on the PC/devices! An managed to login on the ip and with ssl security encrypted data.


Only problem is that the ssl is not certified and has is own! How do i certify it!

I got two backupsmaps running:

Linux PC from host to nas-client cloudstation backup in volume.

Win PC from host to nas-client cloudstation backup in volume.


I'am gone try to get the same config to run on my old i386 machine....:wink:

Details will follow...:smile:

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I followed these staps to make it work;


The synology assitent does still not see the nas! And i can log in using the browser! :smile: But not with coudstation on other PC/LiNUX/WIN ?! Is that because it only works with real serial and mac-adres??!


Yeah, that's my web site, thanks for supporting.

This was suppose to be the full URL.

http://ahkhai.com/2016/02/09/installing ... l-machine/


For other synology related guides you can look for http://ahkhai.com/?s=synology


Thank you.

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