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SSD Cache and Hyper-V issue


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Hi :!:


Finished building my new server (NAS+VM Host on Hyper-V 2012 R2) yesterday. It's awesome :grin:

Build setup


Installed XPEnology today with no problem during installation process, at least I think so. However when I started creating volumes and checked SSD Cache readyness.... It's scrubbing 4x6TB RAID10 volume right now, but when I go to SSD Cache page, it says: "No available SSDs to create cashes."

Nor is it showing drives S/N, Firmware, temps, S.M.A.R.T, yet it recognizes the SSD drive.


Did I do something wrong during XPEnology install, is it Hyper-V quirk or is this how it is in XPEnology :?: Could this be why it recognizes the SSD drive, but doesn't understand that it's an SSD, because the lack of drive information it receives ? Can I point XPEnology to the SSD :?:


First time using XPEnology.





edit: Image too


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