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[FIXED] Vmware ESXi 5.5 license


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[FIXED. For anyone with the same problem, go to the non modified ESXi 5.5 download page and you'll be able to register and get a license key]




I'm just a noob using ESXi on his home server. I install everything following tutorials.


My server is a HP Proliant Gen 8. I've had it running for months without a problem, but never could figure how to get a free license for ESXi. Today I had to reboot the server, and now I can't start VMs anymore.


From what I understood, my server only works with a modified ESXi for HP, which is still on 5.5.


I can make a free license, but for 6.0 only.

It says I should downgrade it, but I can't because the options (manage license) are not available for me.


Don't know what to do ! :smile:


This is a copypasta from the vmware subreddit, I need all the help I can get, can't access my data :geek:

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